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Manage you content with a few easy clicks

A Content Management System (CMS) is a website administration section that allows for publishing, editing and modifying site content.

It is our philosophy at RTI that all websites should be constructed on a platform with strong content management functionality. Key areas of the site, those that contain data which can potentially change often or which hold time-sensitive information, should be maintained by the client. This allows the information to be updated efficiently and cost effectively. Without this capability information often becomes stagnate, causing visitors to look elsewhere for the products or services which they require.

Using the RTI CMS users can choose a time frame for information to be automatically posted and automatically removed from the site ensuring that your website and Intranet are up to date at all times, saving you money and time removing unwanted or non-applicable data. Documents, forms, and pages can be added and removed on the fly. Permissions are controlled by user account type, department, and individual access requirements.

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